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Engaging Your Workforce - Workshop


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Is your team made up of engaged employees who are fully involved in, and enthusiastic about, their work?

Studies have statistically demonstrated that engaged employees are more productive, more customer-focused, and less likely to leave their employer. Companies with engaged employees outperform others by 47% to 202%.

An engaged workforce can be your competitive advantage.

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Attend this 2-hour workshop to:

  • Engage your team in your vision
  • Discover ways to incorporate employees' strengths and unique contributions
  • Assemble a plan to engage your team appropriately based on team tendencies
  • Discuss 7 initiatives that result in organizational engagement breakthroughs
  • Create a team environment of mutual support
  • Increase your results by engaging your work force

Training location: Entrada 131, Amstel Business Park , 1114 AA Amsterdam-Duivendrech, NL
P:+32 478 20 34 84 and +31 6 31 25 62 26

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