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How to Manage Like a Pro - training for new managers

This two-day program will provide participants with a foundation of proven skills and techniques to help them communicate their expectations clearly to staff, identify and avoid 10 common mistakes made by new managers, assess themselves and their team to capitalize on strengths and determine where improvement is needed, build flexibility into their management style, coach and counsel employees for greater productivity, take initiative and become proactive, build credibility and trust, and motivate and empower others to create a positive attitude and work environment.

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Who Should Attend

New managers/supervisors - Starting leaders. You may attend this provided you have followed the Dale Carnegie Course beforehand


• Identify core competencies of successful managers • Understand our management style and apply tools to motivate others • Communicate with impact and use techniques to resolve conflicts • Plan, set goals, delegate, and hold others accountable • Apply processes to manage time and get performance back on track


* Determine upper management's expectations, as well as the expectations of peers and employees • Discover their preferred management style and team members’ work style • Solve problems by strengthening their listening and questioning skills • Use a performance management process to ensure that organizational and departmental goals are consistently being met • Develop an ongoing process to monitor employees' performance • Deliver constructive feedback without putting employees on the defensive • Use the SMART system to set and achieve goals • Organize and prioritize tasks more effectively • Employ proven time management strategies to get more out of the day • Plan and lead more efficient and productive meetings • Acquire delegation skills that develop people's capabilities, teach responsibility, save time, and motivate • Develop a plan of action for continuing professional development


1: Defining the Role of Manager 2: Assess Ourselves and Our Team 3: Cultivate Our Communication Skills 4: Plan, Set Goals, Delegate, and Hold Accountable 5: Performance Management: An On-Going Process 6: Manage Our Time and Set Future Goals

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Training location: Entrada 131, Amstel Business Park , 1114 AA Amsterdam-Duivendrech, NL
P:+49 89 12 50 90 - 500

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