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Dale Carnegie Training’s 2,800 Certified Instructors are considered to be among the best in the world. Their skill is the result of a rigorous, proprietary train-the-trainer program. Now for the first time, you can experience this powerful methodology for yourself at our Trainer Development Skills Program. This seminar is designed to turn you into a top-notch facilitator. If you’ve ever been to a Carnegie Course you know that no one in the room sits in a seat for very long. Carnegie instructors are masters at creating involvement. Whether a participant is a shy, resistant or just plain difficult we know how to bring out the best in him or her and create a successful group effort. These skills can only be learned by doing and that’s exactly what happens at this seminar. Almost from the moment you walk in, you’ll actually be facilitating part of the sessions. The Carnegie instructor will coach you through the exercises and help you practice the skills you need to create a highly interactive learning environment. Along the way you will be honing your powers of observation so that you can perfect your own coaching techniques. You’ll also gain specific tools for dealing with disruptors – those participants who can ruin the learning experience in a flash; the difficult participant (I don’t want to be here); the resistor (I was sent by my boss); and the ham (I know more than you and I’m going to show everyone). You’ll learn how to turn this negativity into a positive force for the group. Whether you’ve been a trainer for a while or you’re a novice, our Trainer Development Skills Program will help you polish the skills you need to facilitate training that’s participative, fun and has a lasting impact.

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At the completion of this program, participants will be able to: • Deliver training that professionals find interesting and relevant to their work. • Provide an atmosphere of acceptance and approval through feedback • Facilitate participation and engagement in large and small groups • Coach to close the gap between desired performance and actual performance • Create measurable impact by linking concepts with participant and organization objectives

Training location: Entrada 131, Amstel Business Park , 1114 AA Amsterdam-Duivendrech, NL
P:+32 478 20 34 84 and +31 6 31 25 62 26

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